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january 23, 2017

2017 will be a very exciting year for floral trends. People are starting to step outside of the box and really explore their options for flowers. Florists have really been able to capitalize on the fact that almost any flower is available at almost any time of the year. Being able to source from different places in the world and from different farms we have the opportunity to set your wedding aside from the rest of the pack. Here are a few impressive trends for the coming year!

Copper and Dark Red
These may not be super traditional combinations but they really have the wow factor. Dark red florals and bridesmaid dresses have been very popular though the end of 2016 and it’s going to continue through 2017. Some popular flower options are dahlias, amaranthus, garden roses, and astilbe. These aren’t your everyday choices and some of them can be quiet pricey if you aren’t getting married in their peak season but I absolutely suggest adding a few stems of this beautiful color to your bouquet! For your centerpieces keep the color copper in mind when choosing your containers.

Adding texture to your bouquet is a must in 2017. Trending this year is the addition of berries, twigs, pods and small fruits and veggies. It may sound silly but the different shapes, sizes and colors really make the bouquet stand out. Adding air plants into bouquets has also become very popular. They are typically a beautiful dusty grey color and they look great while also taking up considerable room. If your wedding is natural/fairy tale/vintage themed this is the bouquet you should be looking into!

Geometric shapes
When it comes to containers this year the trend is geometric. Large glass shapes can be placed on either side of the alter and fun shaped containers can hold the centerpiece flowers. We love this trend. If you find the right container it can cut down on flower cost and still have the same (if not better) affect.

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january 3, 2017

Well, congratulations! You’ve survived Christmas and New Year’s. Except, now what? January is a month where it seems like time almost stops. It’s cold, the days are short and no one wants to venture out into the world. Since you’re going to be stuck inside you might as well have a few projects to keep yourself busy. Here are a few ideas for projects that will help to brighten up the inside of your house on these dreary winter days.

Have flowers in your home at all times!
It doesn’t matter if you pick up a discount bunch at the store or you invest a pretty penny every week, you should always make a small investment in flowers. Flowers can brighten up a bleak house, they can add a pop of color in a dark room. The options are endless! I don’t know about you but coming home to a vase of flowers on my counter makes me smile, so try finding a funky vintage vase at a thrift store for a few bucks and putting it somewhere where everyone will notice! We all need that in the winter. If cut flowers aren’t your thing, try a hanging basket or a small potted plant. Most house plants only need to be watered once a week. Simply put them near a sunny window and enjoy them, year round!

Dried Flowers
The next time that bouquet you bought starts to go bad you should try drying the flower heads! This may sound like something your grandmother did, however it is regaining popularity. Long gone are the days you flattened the flowers between pages in a book. Nowadays there are specific presses to get the most out of your flowers. You can also find an array of different methods online ranging from Epsom salt soaks to sticking them in the microwave. (The old fashioned way sounds the easiest, I think haha) There are also many beautiful ways you can show off your pressed flowers once they are dried. You can put them between pieces of glass and frame them or you could put them in epoxy and make jewelry. Just have fun!

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