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november 25, 2016

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving full of food, family and fun!

There is no rest for the weary party planner as Christmas is only 4 weeks away. In this entry I’m going to give you a Holiday 2016 preview. It will include 3 huge trends of 2016 that are musts for any holiday gathering.

Wear a plaid shirt, get a plaid table runner, or find some plaid napkins. I don’t care what you do plaid, just do it. Big bold plaid patterns are all the rage for this holiday season. You can stick with classic big blocked black and white or you can find something more festive like a red and green with purple highlights. Out of all the trends this holiday season, this is one you should definitely embrace!

A few years ago it was purple, last year is was silver and gold, this year it’s white. There will always be one color that stands above the rest when it comes to holiday décor. So find a big white bow for that wreath and white wash all your mason jars. I love white as a bold statement because everything you accent it with is perfect. Throw in a touch of green and its rustic, throw in a touch of red and its traditional. Enjoy the white, at least it’s not purple again!

Any decoration you do this year has to be full. Pack those ornaments on that tree or wreath and fluff up the garland. Make sure every possible square inch has some kind of decoration on it. A quick tip: when packing your tree with decorations make sure you stagger them in size. Start with 5-7 extra-large pieces and put them on the tree equal distances apart from each other. From there go down to the large ones, which should make up 1/4th of your decorations. Starting with the big ones helps divide up the space better.

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november 2, 2016

It’s hard to believe it’s already November. In just a few short weeks Thanksgiving will be over and we will be bombarded with black Friday specials and Christmas carols. Too often the true meaning of Thanksgiving is lost and people switch over to the mindset of buying presents and planning Holiday parties. Here are some creative ways to capture the true meaning of Thanksgiving and help people slow down and enjoy some turkey.

When Thanksgiving started back in 1621 it was a celebration of the harvest. Native Americans taught the Pilgrims how to farm the land and fish the seas and the first feast was to show how thankful the Pilgrims were to the Natives for helping them survive. Somewhere along the lines the cornucopia became the visual representation of the harvest and it is still widely used today. Much smaller versions are sold today and are perfect for a Thanksgiving centerpiece. Get creative and fill it with both flowers as well as seasonal veggies like artichokes and small peppers.

Use What Nature Gives You
If you find yourself buried in preparing food for your whole family and you can’t imagine assembling an intricate centerpiece here are some ideas for you!

Something as simple as collecting leaves from your yard and sprinkling them down a long table and accenting them with pillar candles can have just the affect you’re looking for. Another quick centerpiece idea is the cranberry centerpiece. Fill a vase, Mason jar, wine glass…whatever you might have lying around…with water. Drop in a few handfuls of cranberry’s and place a floating candle on the top. This will give you a beautiful pop of color in the center of your table as well as an interesting centerpiece!

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