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october 25, 2016

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. I love seeing people, both young and old, get excited about their costumes. Halloween parties are great for spooky treats and costume contests but don’t forget some seasonal décor to go along with all the rest. In this blog I will give you a few ideas that are easy show stoppers.

White Pumpkins
Long gone are the days of the boring old orange pumpkin. Either grown locally or imported from surrounding states, you can find so many interesting types of specialty pumpkins at farms. My suggestion: go with the white one.

White pumpkins come in all sizes so it’s easy to gather together a bunch of different ones for a display on your front steps or near your barn. They are orange inside so when they are carved you get a fun color contrast. White pumpkins are also great to draw on or to paint silver or gold.

The Pumpkin Arrangement
It’s an oldie but it’s still relevant. I suggest using a sugar pumpkin for two reasons, they fit nicely in the center of a table and you can use all the pumpkin innards to make pie! A quick tip: after you are done hallowing the pumpkin out place a piece of saran wrap inside to hold your floral foam. If you skip this step the moisture from the foam will rot your pumpkin a lot faster. If you don’t feel like making a whole arrangement try using a larger pumpkin and dropping a mum plant into it!

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october 1, 2016

All the rage this year are themed bridal showers. Because showers are typically planned by more than one person a theme can bring everyone together and help streamline planning. Here are a few fabulous themes that everyone will love.

Boho is extremely popular in many ways other than as a shower theme. You will see its influence in clothing styles as well as interior décor. Boho is the perfect theme for a shower that will be held outside. Instead of renting tables and chairs, throw pillows and blankets on the ground and surround them with a lush carpet of rose petals. Instead of playing those awful shower games have a DIY flower crown station where people can make their own crowns. Boho is a fun, carefree way of decorating for any shower.

Everyone loves Sunday brunch, it’s a fact. It’s regained popularity in the past few years with restaurants beginning to serving customizable Bloody Marys’ and overflowing mimosas all Sunday long. So why not give your shower a theme everyone will adore! Have a mimosa bar where people can mix their own. Freeze edible flowers into ice cubes, a beautiful addition to any drink. Whether the setting for your shower is indoors or outdoors a brunch theme is perfect.

Sure, rustic themes have been very popular lately and it seems like every wedding or shower you attend has some rustic elements to it. I assure you, it’s a great theme and there are many ways to make your event different than all the others. Use burlap for something different than you’re use to seeing. Anyone have a burlap table runner, but how about wrapping the silverware in it? The same goes for lace. Try tying lace around the back of chairs instead of around a centerpiece.

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