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september 27, 2016

Flea Market Gold
With flea markets popping up all over the place and second hand vintage wares gaining more and more popularity it is easier than ever to get a good deal. In this blog I will talk about a few things that you should look for at flea markets or second hand stores when planning a wedding.

A trend that is back to stay for wedding centerpieces is the 3-5 small vintage vases per table with a few stems of flowers in each. I love this trend and I’m happy its back. I think it’s especially nice on a long table to have 20 different little vases. These vases can be picked up at various flea markets or second hand stores for between 5-20 cents. While you might need 200 of them to get the affect you’re looking for, at least they are cheap!

Vintage China
Teacups are adorable, no matter what you do with them. They can be favors, they can have an arrangement in them, you can serve coffee after cake in them. It doesn’t matter what you do with them, but if you see them at a flea market grab them before they are all gone!

Vintage boxes are weathered and interesting and perfect for décor. You can create a display at the end of the aisle on either side of where you and your groom will stand. They can sit on top of each other and be filled with flowers or candles. You can paint them any color you might want if the vintage color doesn’t quiet go with your theme. They can be used on tables to add dimension to a display. One example would be if you had cupcakes instead of cake you could put them all over and in the wooden box.

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september 1, 2016

Ahh September, the month of pumpkin coffee, cooler weather, and amazing seasonal flowers. September is the beginning of harvest season. As you pick the last of your tomatoes and patiently wait for your seasonal squash to be ready you are graced with some of the most beautiful flowers. Whether you grew them or you venture to a pick your own farm here are a few varieties you must not pass up!

Dahlia tubers are planted in the spring. They take their time growing and depending on the variety turn out to be no taller than 2-3 feet. By the end of August they have set bud, the stem holding the bud growing much taller than the plant itself. The flowers vary in color from dark burgundy to piercing white and every color in between. The “dinner plate” variety yield flowers literally the size of a plate, while some of the smaller varieties are no bigger than a quarter. These are a must pick flower in my book. After they’re cut they will last at least a week and a half in a vase.

Amaranthus is an annual that is planted in the spring. It will grow all season long, getting quiet tall, sometimes over 6 feet. In the fall they start to bloom. They come in two colors, burgundy and green. They are an incredible addition to arrangements and especially fun in floral crowns. When used to accent an arch, amaranthus really adds the wow factor. Watch this flower for 2017.

Sedum is a perennial that starts to bloom in late August. It holds its flowers for months as they slowly dry out. They are native to New England and are great in sunny flower beds. Sedum have appeal for a cut flower for a few reasons. Since the flower never really dies the arrangement will look outstanding for long periods of time. After the flower is dried it can be coated in a spray adhesive and after it’s dry can be used in all sorts of arrangements as a dried flower.

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