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july 14, 2016

Nautical themed weddings and beach themed parties are all the rage right now. Living in an area like we do it will certainly be a trend that never disappears. But how can you pull off this theme without having your event look just like everybody else’s? In this blog you will learn a few tricks to set your next beach themed party aside from all the others.

Let’s face it, staggered cylinder vases filled with sand and seashells have been filling the center of tables since the early 2000’s. While it’s easy to see why people love it (cheap, fast, classic) it’s time for something new and fresh to take its place. Here are a few adaptations of that iconic centerpiece idea that will impress your guests.

Sand Dollars
Ditch the shells, here come the sand dollars. Sand dollars are beautiful and can easily replace the shell as a new fresh accent to any centerpiece. They are sturdy enough to have holes drilled into them so they can be strung with ribbon and either hung or attached to anything. They are also interesting little creatures, learn about them and share with your guests!

Message in a Bottle
This next idea is perfect for a bridal shower or wedding. Passing down wisdom about married life is an age old tradition that appears at just about every bridal shower. Supply your guest with pieces of paper, twine and a pen and have them add all of their wisdom to a large glass vessel. It’s a neat twist on an old tradition.

Color Scheme
Do not go too far out of the box with the color scheme for a beach side affair. Your guest will be left guessing if you choose mauve and grey to decorate your tables with. Stick with shades of blue as your main color. It’s classic and immediately recognized and associated with the shore. From there you can accent it with a bright coral for a pop of color or mix in a dark blue to keep it more laid back.

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july 1, 2016

Can you believe it’s already July?! As the weather starts to get warmer and the days get longer we are rapidly approaching our official start to summer, 4th of July! What a better way to celebrate Independence Day than by having a cook out with family and friends.

Flowers and décor are just as important as hot dogs and hamburgers so in this blog we will touch on a few trends that you should consider for your weekend shindig.

Arrangement in A Bottle
For as long as we can remember a cold beer has been a must on a warm summer night, so the next time you finish one try this Summer 2016 trend. Since the mouth of bottles are tiny you usually only need a few stems per arrangement. This is a thrifty way to make a statement! Try glass soda or water bottles as well! Quick tip: Remove the labels on the bottles and tie a twine bow around the neck of the bottle for a more vintage look.

Red, White and Blue Flowers
What’s better than using the colors of the holiday in your arrangement?! You can keep it simple with carnations and alstromeria or you can go crazy with gladiolas and hydrangeas, either way your arrangement is sure to impress. Quick tip: Add an American flag!

You loved glitter as a kid and let’s face it, it’s still amazing. You can sprinkle a little on some flowers or you can spray an entire vase with spray adhesive and cover your vase in glitter. Either way it’s going to sparkle and impress. Quick tip: Your glitter vase will sparkle even after the sun goes with some votive candles next to it!

Check out the pictures on our Pinetest page to see the styles I describe in action! And don’t worry, we are here to help if DIY seems a little overwhelming. Call today to book a consultation for your summer parties! 860.235.0752

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